Friday, February 19, 2010


I know I am such a slacker on this blog. So many things have happened since I last blogged!! We are expecting a new baby in April!!! Her name is going to be Anna Bradley and my c-section is scheduled for April 5, 2010. We are sooo ready for her to get here! I think Cole is going to be a great big brother. After all the problems I had with my 1st pregnancy, none of those have reoccured this time. We are so thankful for that and appreciate everyone's prayers and concerns! I go back to the dr. on Monday so I will post then and let everyone know how it goes!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back to School!

I'm finally posting after a long 6 months! For some reason, I have gotten out of the blogging mood! Cole started to school Tuesday and he is having the best time! He's really loving being in this new environment at Westside Elementary. He is getting so big and grown!! I just wanted to do a little update and i'll post more later!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Valentine's Week!!!

Aren't we supposed to celebrate Valentine's all week?? I have had my V-day flag and mat out all month and even some of January so I hope I am correct on that! ha! Anyway, not much is going on around our house these days. We have just been enjoying this nice weather and playing outside as much as possible. I have even been letting Cole not take a nap on the weekends because it's so pretty outside! On another note, we took Cole to the pediatrician last Friday for a weight check and she is still not happy with his weight even though he had gained almost two pounds in a month. Soooo....we have to make another trip to Birmingham to a Pediatric Gastro Intestinal Doctor. Hopefully he will have some insight as to why Cole is so small. We laughed with his pediatrician the other day because she said that there must be some genetics linked to his high metabolism. That was a joke!!! Haha! Anyway, please keep us in your thoughts as we pray that he is fine, just small!!! After all, he has had a lot of tests done lately and they've all come back normal. I am posting pics of his new quilt and valance. His room is still a work in progress-or should I say mess in progress. He loves it!!! He has really been doing well sleeping in his bed. We crawl in it and read books every night and then he goes to sleep. I've been falling asleep in his bed for the past few nights and i wake up around midnight and go to our bed. I guess Michael doesn't mind it too much because he never comes and wakes me up. We also tried big boy underwear last week. It didn't work too well considering as soon as I put them on him, he did tee tee in the potty, but squirted it all over them. So i changed him and then he pooped in the next pair. I figured it was best if I put a diaper back on him. If i can just get the timing right!!!! He is very unpredictable. Sometimes he wets at night and sometimes he doesn't. We also went to eat lunch with Mandy and Mason Jones last week! Cole had so much fun "playing" with Mason while they were trying to eat. Well here are a few pics! Have a good rest of the week!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Sorry it's been so long since I've posted! It seems like I never have enough time to do this. Cole is getting so big and so funny!! We got a twin bed for him and he has been sleeping in it until about 1:00 every night. I finally found him a cute Pottery Barn quilt on ebay and put it on his bed the other night without telling him. He went in his room for something and i heard him go"Ahh!!" I ran in the there and he said "MOMMY!!" and I said "What, baby?" and he said "MY BEEEDD-IT'S SOO PWETTY!!" It was soo cute!!! He really has some kind of personality!!He comes up with something new every day. I also forgot to tell what all he sleeps with...he sleeps with a penguin, a dog(annie-bo), a small puppy from McDonald's, a frog, 3 blankets, and his pillow. Yeah-he's a little obsessive. Another funny thing is that my "Aunt" Deb gave him a book for Christmas that has his name and a couple of his friends' names in it. It's about all kinds of sports. One night I was reading it to him and instead of me reading, he started. We have read it so much that he has it memorized I guess. He is so funny reading it and he really puts a lot of expression into it. I am posting a few pics, none that are really good, but just some new ones. Have a good week! Maybe I'll get better about posting!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy New Year!

Well, Christmas is over and at our house, we've had to make room for LOTS of new toys. I really wish Santa would have limited himself on the size of these toys!! I'm gonna have to have a talk with him. I am posting some pics of what all he left for Cole. I hate that I couldn't get it on video, but when Cole saw all his toys he started screaming "MY MOTORCYCLE!!!!!!" and "A TRAIN!!!!!" He was really going crazy!! It was soo funny! I think he really understood this year. He also got a little golf cart from Grandma and Granpa. He has really enjoyed it too. Hope you all had as merry of a Christmas as us. And, yes, I did take these pictures with my new camera even though I didn't get as many good ones as I wanted to.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Long time no post...

Sorry for the lack of postings these days. It' s been busy around here with family Christmas get togethers and all. Last weekend we went to Needham, AL to Michael's grandmother's house and then left there and went straight to Montgomery to Mom's for our family Christmas on Sunday. Cole is getting VERY excited about Santa coming tonight. All he wants is a motorcycle and he's gonna get it too. He's also getting a train set and some other goodies. I cannot wait to see his face Christmas morning. I don't have any pictures to post, but will guarantee there will be some next week because I'm getting a NEW CAMERA for Christmas!!! Can you tell I'm very excited?? Mine pretty much died last weekend. Cole kind of messed it up. It was time anyway-I've had it for about 4 years. Anyway, hope you all have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Happy New Year!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas on the River

This weekend was Christmas on the River in Demopolis for those who don't already know that...Friday night Michael and I went to the BBQ Cookoff with Mandy and Darrin. We had a great time visiting with everyone and eating good food! Saturday morning we got up and went to Art in the Park very early and looked around. It was soo cold! Cole wanted to ride the pony so I let him. After that, we picked up Michael to go over to the annual day parade party at Mary Lou and Mike Rogers' house. As always they had great food and great hospitality. We really enjoyed watching the parade in front of their house and appreciate them for inviting us every year. After watching Alabama get beat Saturday afternoon, we went home to put our pj's on and watched the fireworks from our front yard. Anyway, I am posting some new pics from this weekend. Hope you all had a wondeful weekend too!